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With over 45 years in the travel industry, we have the right people and the right experience to help you implement a robust travel solution that is right for your company culture

Why Use a Travel Management Company?

Using an outsourced solution for your business travel is a big decision, and we understand that it won’t necessarily be right for everyone. There are many factors to consider; size, demographics, spend, culture and risk, to name but a few. Chances are if you have just a few employees travelling to Europe on a small budget, then an in-house solution will no doubt work perfectly for you. However, If you’ve got multiple travellers, in multiple destinations; and a large annual travel spend, you may want to consider using a Business Travel Solutions Company to assist you. Whilst it’s completely fair to say that some organisations have the internal capabilities to manage their travel programme in-house, it’s important to note that organisations that move to an out-sourced solution rarely move back to in-house.

There are 5 main areas that we can provide additional support for your travel programme:

1. Savings

Whether you opt for an online booking tool, or an offline solution, one of the biggest savings you’ll make is on your time. Our technology and offline consultants have access to a consolidated database of the best fares and rates in the industry and, at the click of a few buttons, you could have your rail, flights and accommodation booked simultaneously, safe in the knowledge that you received the best prices available.

During the implementation process, we’ll take time getting to know your exact requirements and understand your policy and company culture. We’ll arrange any approval processes to be fluent and seamless so that any trips over a certain spend can be approved or denied via email notification, and our consultants will discuss any long-haul or complicated trips over the phone to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

Using a Business Travel Solutions Company will save your employees from having to trawl through multiple websites to find a good deal; time which would be much better spent supporting your business and continuing with their day to day job roles.

In addition to supporting you in the day to day operation of your travel programme, we also drive cost savings and negotiate fares and rates on your behalf. Cost-effective, safe travel is what we do best – that’s why we’ve won multiple awards for our outstanding customer service. We can identify trends in your travel behaviour and encourage compliance, ensuring you stay within the realms of your policy and your budget.

2. Technology

Business Travel Direct is an industry-leading innovator within the business travel sphere. In 2015 we were the first Business Travel Solutions Company in the UK and Europe to fully align with SAP Concur’s ‘perfect trip’ vision, which allows our systems to track the spend and risk of bookings even if they haven’t been made through us, and offer our clients SMARTtrack, the next generation of traveller tracking. We were also the first Business Travel Solutions Company in the UK and Europe to partner with TripBAM and offer one of the first hotel-rate assurance programmes, designed to monitor and capitalise on fluctuating hotel rates.

Our online booking tools have a combined database of fares and rates from every leading airline in the world, over 200,000 hotels, car hire, rail travel, and Eurostar tickets. During the implementation process, we’ll purpose-build your corporate travel policy into the online booking tool, so your employees only have access to compliant travel – and anything over and above policy can go through an approval process directly to the relevant line manager’s inbox. Our toolbox of technology is designed to give you the most choice at the best prices and a full insight into your travel spend, regardless of whether you booked it through us.

3. Duty of Care

One of the most important areas that we can support you with is your duty of care programme. The global threat level is steadily rising and we’re frequently seeing accounts of unpredictable weather. Consequently, there is a huge focus on ensuring you have a robust duty of care programme for your travelling employees.

Historically, traveller tracking was a map-view of the world which would plot any bookings made through the consultants onto the map. Times have certainly changed since then, and Business Travel Direct has implemented the next generation of traveller tracking; a communication, risk management platform which tracks and risk-assesses all bookings – regardless if they were made through us – against an international newsfeed. We can communicate with any of your travellers via SMS and email, send pre-trip briefs and post-trip reminders, and schedule in pre-approved compliance messaging, gently encouraging your travellers to make smarter purchasing decisions whilst they travel.

We pride ourselves on our ability to look after our clients, and our travelling tracking technology will ensure you have a robust, efficient duty of care programme in place.

4. Management Information

Maintaining control over your travel spend is an Herculean task in itself, and it’s one of the key areas that a Business Travel Solutions Company can utilise their expertise and consultancy skills. Our SMARTinsight reporting suite allows our customers the ability to really understand their travel expenditure and behaviour. It’s far more than pie charts and bar graphs – it’s a real insight into an entire travel solution.

Management information integrates travel data to deliver sophisticated, intelligent reports that allow us and our clients to analyse travel patterns and purchasing behaviour, policy compliance, savings-made and missed opportunities. Using this data, our dedicated client partnership managers can suggest a number of cost-saving initiatives that aim to promote compliance and encourage smart travelling behaviour. By interpreting the granular data, our management team is able to ensure our clients receive a tailored, personal service that best understands their business objectives and work tirelessly to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

5. Consultancy

By using an out-sourced organisation like us to support your travel programme, you’ll receive a dedicated client partnership manager and a small, close-knit team of consultants; all of whom have had an average of 14 years in the travel industry, and know exactly how to deliver seamless, cost-effective, and most importantly, safe options.Your client partnership manager understands which technology will deliver the best results, and how to encourage compliant travel amongst your ‘rogue’ travellers; they’ll keep you updated on industry changes that could positively or negatively affect your travel programme, and suggest adjustments to overcome them; they’ll send helpful tips and user guides for travel apps that will help your travellers manage their itinerary or stay productive whilst on the move; and they’ll share their expertise and experience to ensure your travel programme exceeds your expectations.

The consultants are knowledgeable, performing to a high standard and are always ready to assist no matter what time of day or night.

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My account manager is up there with the best, a pleasure to deal with and nothing is too much bother. She has been great.

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We required Business Travel Management Software, but we didn’t want to sacrifice functionality. Business Travel Direct was able to quickly deliver a solution

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