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Quantifiable Results

Regardless of the size of your organisation, our solutions will guarantee you a return on your investment

Cost Effective Approach

Business Travel Direct adopts a number of strategies to ensure we offer our clients a safe, cost-effective travel solution. We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach and instead aim to build strong industry partnerships, innovate within the technology sphere, and consequently, offer our clients significant choice at the best rates available.

Access to Special Rates

Our consultants and our online booking tools have a database of fares and rates with every major airline in the world and over 200,000 hotels worldwide, car rental and other services. Our Client Partnership Managers and Planit Consulting Advisors also negotiate special rates with leading airlines and hotels as they strategically build strong relationships with suppliers worldwide. Analysis of our clients’ management information and reporting also assists our client partnership managers to increase negotiations based on requirement, quota, and traveller behaviour on your behalf.


More recently, we’ve partnered with TripBAM to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to capitalise on fluctuating hotel prices, enabling us to closely monitor a hotel booking and alert our client if the rate falls at any point from the original booking, to the moment they check in. We’ve found significant savings in this area and we’re proud to have been the first Business Travel Solutions Company in the UK and Europe to implement TripBAM’s exciting technology. TripBAM can also help you save money by monitoring hotel rates in a specific mile-radius from the original booking; scanning the whole area for a room with the same benefits (Breakfast or Wi-Fi for example) at a cheaper price.


In 2015, we were also the first Business Travel Solutions Company in the UK and Europe to fully align ourselves with SAP Concur’s toolbox of technology, including TripLink, which allows bookings to come through our system, even if they haven’t been made by us. This is a huge development in the corporate travel industry, but we’re confident that it allows our clients to have more choice and freedom in booking their travel. Using TripLink, we can capture all the necessary data to ensure we can provide full insight into travel spend and reduce leakage, track the bookings in our SMARTtrack duty of care platform, and use your management information in its entirety to assess traveller behaviour and booking patterns.


Alongside TripLink, we can also offer a gamified approach for your travellers to encourage them to book within policy and help you save money. Gamification is a popular buzz word within our industry, essentially making a game out of a non-game setting. We can apply healthy competition and incentive to gently help your employees remain compliant to your travel policy, or even find the lowest possible price. The system will also highlight whether something is in policy, needs approval, or is out of policy and thus unable to book; an interesting and engaging way to inform your travellers of your corporate travel policy whilst incentivising them to help save your organisation money.

Business Travel Direct’s Price Match Promise

All our costs are transparent and we operate a totally open book policy with our clients.

The expertise and experience of our travel consultants, the utilisation of leading edge technology to source the best fares ‘at the touch of a button’ and the buying power through our trade partnerships such as Advantage (The National Network of Travel Agents) will enable maximum cost savings. In fact, we are so confident in our rates and cost-effective solutions that we operate the Business Travel Direct Price Match Guarantee; so if you find a lower rate, let us know and we’ll match it.

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