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Apps and Gadgets for Business Travellers – Part 3

Dec 9, 2015News

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Wearable Technology

Apple Watch

apple watchThe Apple Watch is one of the most innovative, exciting pieces of technology to emerge from 2015, and its changing consumerism in every industry, including business travel. There are now apps available that will enable you to unlock your hotel room with a single flick of the wrist; apps that will alert you to flight delays or gate changes, check the weather in your destination, download your boarding pass straight to your watch; and apps that allow the user access to a master travel itinerary. Now that’s what you call ‘on-the-go’ technology!

Gear VR, Powered by Oculus

Gear VR, Powered by OculusEntering the next chapter of in-flight entertainment is the virtual reality headset, available from November 2015. Designed for Samsung smartphone users, the Gear VR is a comfortable headset where you can put your phone into place and absorb yourself in a new dimension of home theatre technology. With a wide range of virtual-vacation scenes, games, television and movie streaming apps available, you’ll be spending your next long-haul flight in 360 degree entertainment!

Fitness Trackers

Fitness TrackerWhilst careers and business travel often take up the majority of our working week, it’s becoming increasingly popular to ensure that you’re staying fit and keeping a close eye on your health. On-the-go travellers in particular might not necessarily have the time to spend an hour at the gym every day, but thanks to wearable health and fitness technology such as FitBit, we can still find the time to take small steps in improving our lifestyles. From tracking your heart rate, to monitoring your sleeping patterns, a fitness tracker is a modern, wearable piece of technology that could have a massive, positive impact on your health and fitness.



GateGuruGateGuru is one of the most helpful apps for travellers on-the-move. It acts as a comprehensive pocket-guide, telling you everything you’d need to know about your airport and flight. Whether you need to know if your flight is delayed, the gate has been changed or you just wanted to check the amenities at your airport, don’t leave home without downloading GateGuru first.


TravelSafeKnowing how to stay safe when you’re travelling for business is really important in a world of rising threat levels and global security, and there are apps available that can help you do this. TravelSafe refers to itself as ‘the Swiss army knife’ for your smartphone, providing key emergency numbers in your destination such as the fire service, police or medical assistance, alongside the contact details for your Embassy. We hope you’ll never need to use it, but it’s certainly worth having, just in case.

Google Drive

Google DriveMinimise the amount of documents you have to pack for your trip with Google Drive. It provides online cloud storage of up to 15GB, enabling you to access your important documents wherever you are in the world. Accessible on multiple devices, you can also share, download, edit, and safely back-up your stored work whilst you’re on the move.