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In the world of business travel, it can be hard to stay productive, have all the necessary equipment to hand for life on the move, and have all the information you need at your fingertips. Particularly this year, as we’ve seen airlines reduce the carry-on luggage capacity, it’s important to pack smartly and essentially take only the bare minimum with you on your trip. Thankfully, the market has evolved to suit the business travel market, and we’re seeing  a wide range of innovative apps and gadgets being introduced that offer everything one might need when travelling, without adding much extra weight to your suitcase. With the right apps on your smartphone and the right gadgets in your bag, you should be able to stay productive, connected, up to date and enjoy a stress-free trip.

Mophie Powerstation Plus Charger
Mophie PowerstationThe Mophie’s aluminium body is the size of a business-card holder, and has built in Lightening Micro USB ports that can power multiple Apple gadgets at once. With integrated LED indicator lights, the Mophie will tell you exactly how much charging time remains and the hinge top will safely store your charging cables whilst the device is charging, minimising the length of leads you have to untangle and keeping everything portal whilst you’re on the move. Exceptionally light (only 0.35 pounds), it’ll deliver 2.4 amps of power and charge your devices efficiently and promptly for a price of only £55 from most retail stores. Bargain!

Logitech Keys-To-Go
Logitech Keys-to-goThis universal keyboard is just one quarter-inch thick and connects to any Android or IOS device via Bluetooth. Perfect for tablets such as the iPad, this keyboard will enable you to continue working efficiently, whilst in transit; particularly as the mechanical keys are designed for comfort and ease of use. Super-portable and light (just 6.2 ounces), the keyboard can fit into a coat pocket, purse or briefcase and the rechargeable battery can last up to three months. If that wasn’t enough, it’s durable and spill-resistant, with a wipe-able fabric skin akin to rubber – no more clumsy coffee stains on your favourite gadgets.

Plantonics BackBeat Sense
Plantonics HeadphonesA good pair of headphones is an absolute must for any traveller on the go and often you’ll find you’ll get what you pay for with these kinds of items. Plantonics are just under the £100 mark and we think they’re worth every penny. Firstly, they’re wireless, which is a huge plus when you have luggage, a laptop case or hot drink to carry without adding a phone and a metre long cable into the mix. Their 18 hour battery life allows you to continuously stream your favourite music or podcasts and when you’re not using them they automatically enter ‘hibernation mode’, extending the battery life up to 6 months. They’re pretty smart too and will auto-play or auto-stop when the headphones are put on or removed AND, best of all, they’re noise-cancelling. What more could you need?

CityMapperCityMapper is a detailed journey planner that is often rated over and above Google or iPhone Maps. Using real-time departures and disruption alerts this app includes ticket prices, length of journey and alternative means of transport (including jetpack… in case you were curious!). It’ll also highlight available cycle routes and has recently fully integrated with Uber.

App in the Air
AppintheAirThis app is a smart, simple flight-tracking app that provides full coverage of airlines and airports. I know what you’re thinking; there’re a lot of them around, right? True, but we particularly like this one as it integrates with one of our favourite itinerary apps – TripIt, enabling you to import your trips and track them, providing you with useful information regardless of whether you have internet connection or not. It’ll also assist you in managing your time in the airport, breaking down your flight into four easy stages; check-in, boarding, take-off and landing. Never again will you be last to board the plane.

DUFLDUFL is an innovative organisation who aims to offer completely bag-free travel. You start off by sending your typical trip-wardrobe to DUFL headquarters (suits, gym wear, shirts, skirts, accessories… anything and everything you may need). Once it arrives at HQ, DUFL will wash, iron, photograph and store your wardrobe safely, before loading the photographs and accompanying descriptions onto your DUFL account. You simply log into the app, choose your wardrobe, enter the address of your hotel and the arrival date and board the plane. Your items will be there for you upon your arrival, carefully packed into DUFL suitcases and you can have a stress and hassle-free trip without worrying about losing your luggage, paying the extra luggage fee, or waiting at baggage-claim.