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If you’re a seasoned business traveller, you’ll know that corporate travel can be tiresome and stressful. In 2017, the average trip length is estimated to be around the two day mark, meaning that you’ll have a packed itinerary and a lengthy to-do list, with little time to spare in between.

Thankfully today, the shelves are overflowing with helpful gadgets, apps and innovations that are designed with business travel in mind. We thought we’d ask our Managing Director, Julie Oliver, to pick out some of her favourite products that can help maximise productivity, improve efficiency and increase the overall travel experience. Here’s what she said.

1. Nokia Treasure Tag

Keeping track of your belongings whilst you’re on the move can be a challenge, especially as modern-day travellers now take an average of four devices with them. By attaching a small and discreet Nokia Treasure Tag to your gadgets, you can track the whereabouts of your items and receive visual and audio prompts if you leave them behind.

Using any smartphone with Bluetooth, you can sync up to four tagged devices and manage them all from one single app. Working on a standard watch battery, this handy little gizmo lasts up to six months and will enable you to keep your phone, laptop, tablet and e-reader on your radar whilst you’re in transit.

2. Bluesmart Luggage

Suitcases have seen little innovation since wheels were introduced in the 1970s. The Bluesmart carry-on was created to be the next evolution of the travel experience, enabling you to simultaneously charge your smart devices with its in-built USB. It can also weigh itself so you can be sure you won’t be over the weight limit, and track its movement so if your luggage is misplaced at the airport, you know exactly where in the world to find it.

Using the Bluesmart app, you can also remotely lock your suitcase for additional security. It’s an expensive purchase, but it might just be the only suitcase you’ll ever need.

3. Griffin Technology

Wired Keyboard Technology today is all about ‘going wireless’ but if you’re a frequent business traveller, the last thing you need is the inconvenience of having your keyboard battery die mid-use.

Bluetooth-operated devices aren’t always particularly efficient either, especially if you’re in Flight Mode.

Griffin’s Wired Keyboard is designed with Apple users in mind, plugging straight into the lightning port, so you can use your iPad or iPhone as a laptop and work anywhere. The keyboard itself is slim-line, light and can be slipped into your carry-on with ease.

4. Ventev PowerCell 6000

Most business travellers have either heard of, or own, a battery bank for their smartphone. In fact, as our reliance on our phones has increased, these have become ‘essential items’ to pack in your overnight bag. However, the Ventev PowerCell 6000 is designed with larger devices in mind, such as the IPad Air 2 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, alongside phones and accessories. In fact, once fully charged, this high-end battery plugs directly into a power outlet and offers ‘rapid charge’ mode to give your devices an extra 25 hours of talk time.

This doesn’t mean it jeopardises size for power though; you can fit a Ventev Powercell in the palm of your hand.

5. Yubico FIDO Security Key

Security is a key area of concern for most travellers, particularly as we often travel with confidential data on our work devices. Using a security key like Yubico’s, you can protect access to your important websites and files, including CRM systems, email and social media accounts. With an easy set-up process, you simply plug the key into your USB drive and authenticate the sites you need protecting.

These sites can therefore not be accessed without firstly, your log-in details, and secondly, access to your trusty USB key. If security is a big issue for you, having that extra protection on your work laptop can certainly ease some of the stress.