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Business Travel Direct Agreement with IAG

International Airline Group (British Airways’ parent company) have announced that it intends to add an £8 surcharge per sector on air bookings made within the GDS (Global Distribution System) beginning 1st November 2017. This distribution fee would apply to British Airways and Iberia flights, made by Business Travel Direct and all other Travel Management Companies and Online Tour Operators using these reservation systems.

Business Travel Direct, as a valued distributor of British Airways, has been in active talks with the airline for some time, to ensure that we can continue to offer clients British Airways fares at no additional fare surcharge. In order to do this, we have entered into new commercial and operational agreements.

We are currently working through all the implications of this deal, and we will be in touch with you over the next few weeks to update you further.

Managing Director Julie Oliver says: “I am absolutely delighted that we have reached this agreement and that we continue to have a very strong relationship with The IAG Group to the benefit of our customers.”

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British Airways Introduce Change to Baggage Policy

From 19th October, British Airways’ “Most Generous Allowance” luggage policy no longer exists. This policy previously allowed you to retain the biggest luggage allowance on all of the flights on your itinerary.

For example, if you flew outbound in one class and inbound in another class on the same ticket, the higher baggage allowance would apply for both flights. However, this has now changed, and will have to pay extra for baggage over the allowance in differing classes.

However, these new changes do not apply to tickets with a connecting flight with less than a 24-hour layover. Eg. If you are flying domestically from Manchester to Heathrow and then onwards in Club World within the 24-hour window, you will still receiver the Club World baggage allowance.

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Qantas Dreamliner seats




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Qantas Unveils their First Dreamliner

The Australian-based airline company, Qantas, have revealed they have purchased their first Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

This aircraft will be used for the inaugural direct flight from London to Perth on March 25th 2018, which will take 17 hours.

The plane will have 236 seats, providing additional space and comfort for travellers. Qantas have said that there will be three different classes available on-board; Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

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Dubai International Airport opens ‘Sleep Lounge’

For travellers with long flight layovers in Dubai, the new ‘sleep lounge’ could be a game changer.

Dubai International Airport has opened 27 sleep pods and cabins to help travellers with long connections catch up on sleep or use as a quiet area before their next flight.

Each pod is available to purchase for anywhere between 1 and 12 hours at a time and are open 24/7, with the cheapest package at just $17. To see the full price structure or pre-book online, please follow this link.

Dubai Airport Sleep Pods



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TFL to provide 4G on London Underground

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has pledged to provide 4G mobile phone coverage on the London Underground by 2019.

Currently, there is no phone service on any of the tube line, despite Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and New York already offering this service for its commuters.

Bids are currently underway and could make business travellers’ lives much easier in the coming years, giving them access to make phone calls, answer work emails and search the internet whilst commuting.

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British Airways combat missed Heathrow Connections

British Airways have launched a new service for premium customers, designed to eliminate missed connections at Heathrow Airport.

The new scheme offers eligible passengers car transfers from their domestic flight to an onward BA flight when there is a potential risk of them missing the connection.

People who fit the following criteria and connecting from a UK domestic trip will be offered this service:

  • Passengers connecting onto a short-haul Club Europe flight
  • Passengers connecting onto a long-haul Club World or First Class flight
  • Silver or Gold Executive Club members

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