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Best Travel Management Company Award, 2016 Finalist!

Nov 12, 2015

AwardBusiness Travel Direct is pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for a Business Travel Award, ‘Best Travel Management Company 2016’ in our category (£50m > £200m UK Sales Annually).

This year in particular we’ve strived to ensure our service offering and technology are as robust and relevant as possible, and the last 12 months have been spent implementing new tools and processes that guarantee we’ll meet the future needs of our clients. We’re so pleased to have this hard work recognised and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played a role in our development over this past year, and our clients for their trust and loyalty.

Why have we been nominated?

There have been a number of factors that have contributed to this particular nomination, many of which have been a direct result of strategically planning our partnership and technology over this past year. Business Travel Direct is evolving from a more traditional Travel Management Company (TMC) to a Business Travel Solutions Provider; realigning and implementing a new value proposition that welcomes open bookings, buying trends and strategic partnerships.  We’re now in a position to become an industry-leading innovator within our sphere, offering far more than just managed travel and greater choice compared to our competitors.

As many of you may be aware, we’ve fully aligned with our partners, Concur®, to become the first Business Travel Solutions Provider in the UK and Europe to adopt their full suite of technology. We’re now in the process of going beyond standard integrated itinerary data for our clients, and actively benchmark non-compliant buying against a managed programme. We can highlight missed opportunities and track bookings that have not been made by us, ensuring our clients will receive a complete overview of their travel programme. Concur’s duty of care tools will enable us to give our customers a platform in which to track, locate, assess and communicate with their employees, providing both risk messaging, and tailored best practise alerts simultaneously. We’re also in the process of implementing Concur Expense, giving our clients a streamlined, controlled approach to their expense management. Not only are we implementing this technology for our clients, but we’re also transitioning into becoming a Concur Expense user ourselves, to demonstrate our belief in our products and our partnership with Concur®.

More recently, we’ve also partnered with tripBAM© to introduce a Hotel Rate Drop Programme, actively alerting us if a rate drops in price for any of our clients, right up until the point of arrival. We are the first Business Travel Solutions Provider in the UK and Europe to partner with tripBAM©, and consequently will soon be able to offer our customers a complete rate assurance programme, regardless of whether the booking was made through us.

We’ve substantially grown our Marine department, fully transitioning into Marine Travel Direct and establishing ourselves within the maritime market, alongside developing our consultancy and solutions-services offering with our consultancy arm, Planit Consulting. Focusing on predominately non-TMC work, Planit Consulting is becoming a key aspect of our offering and offers impartial, transparent advice to organisations about policy, duty of care and RFP processes.

Our vision is what stands us apart from our competitors, and is undoubtedly a fundamental reason that we are a finalist in the Business Travel Awards 2016. We aim to be different to our competitors, believing that the future of managed travel will only put more pressure on how clients make bookings and the preferred channels they use. We endeavour to embrace these challenges and become a strategic partner for our clients; adapting our technologies and service offerings to provide continuous, transparent support and ultimately, empower our clients to have choices around compliant or unmanaged programmes. We aim to allow our portfolio of clients to make an informed decision, safe in the knowledge that whichever route they go, the travellers are being tracked and looked after; their spend is being captured and benchmarked; and the technology they use is flexible, aligned to their culture and corporate goals.