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Business Travel Direct has become the first UK-based travel management company to partner with TripBAM in order monitor hotel rates and secure savings right up to the day of arrival.

Dallas-based TripBAM monitors hotel rates in an area and timeframe defined by the user and subsequently flags up any rate reductions within the chosen parameters. Potential savings are flagged up to Business Travel Direct, with the booking agent able to automatically rebook a chosen hotel at the cheaper rate or ask the client to accept or decline the alternative at the click of a button.

Declined savings can be collated into a report and used by the corporate and TMC to inform future accommodation policy changes. TripBAM claims to find average savings of around £35 a night on more than 80 per cent of bookings.

“Prior to entering into the partnership with TripBAM, we undertook testing against actual bookings to establish the extent of potential savings for corporate,” says Julie Oliver, managing director of Business Travel Direct. “The results were unequivocal with savings achieved at 33 per cent of named hotels.

“The results for cluster hotels were even more encouraging with savings possible for 55 per cent of bookings. Over the course of a year this could translate into substantial savings for corporates.”

Oliver continues, “With TripBAM we can offer our clients the comfort of knowing that they can book early and still get the best possible rate, right up to the day of arrival. It also gives clients the ability to consider using accommodation outside the stipulated corporate programme.

“We appreciate that clients have different objectives in their hotel programme and with TripBAM we are able to offer better rates against criteria that clients have agreed in advance.”