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Your Risk Management Programme

Manage your own Duty of Care fulfilment with Risk Management and send messages to your employees at the click of a few buttons.
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Risk Management

If your organisation has travellers all over the world at any given time, you’ll need to know not only where to find them, but how to communicate with them in the case of an emergency. Rather than spending valuable time searching for email confirmations or contact details on your HR database, SMARTtrack, powered by SAP Concur, helps you maintain your Duty of Care towards your travellers by combining automatic risk assessments with traveller itinerary information. SMARTtrack allows you to send out messages to your employees at the click of a few buttons and, using essential two-way communication capabilities, your travellers can respond accordingly.

  • Your employees’ itineraries are merged with data feeds from Business Travel Direct allowing you to have a 360 degree view of where your employees are and how to contact them
  • This information continually syncs with SMARTtrack, ensuring all traveller information is accurate and assessed against an international newsfeed regularly
  • Using phone, email and SMS to reach your travellers, pre-trip alerts and destination intelligence can be communicated to them
  • Track communication with a single colour-coded map
  • Granular search options via flight number, hotel supplier, geographical risk level, political unrest, severe weather, health alerts, name, and company

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