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Our expertise, strategic partnerships and buying power ensure we have the best rates in the industry. We’re so confident, we’ll even price match any air fare you’re quoted elsewhere in the industry.
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Flights, Hotels and Rail

Flight Services

Using our expertise and buying power from our strategic partnerships and alliances within the industry, we can provide our clients with the lowest possible negotiated fares with most major scheduled airlines worldwide. We’ve spent the last 45 years building strategic relationships with various airlines, which allows us to offer our clients Business Travel Direct Exclusive Fares with over 50 carriers around the world.

Whether you prefer to book offline through one of our experienced consultants or online through one of our SMARTbooker online booking tools, we’ll ensure you’re receiving the best available price on the market. We’re so confident about our lowest fares policy, that we’ll even match any air fare that’s been quoted elsewhere.

Hotel Services

Our travellers benefit from the best corporate hotel rates worldwide, including chain and independent properties. Our database of over 200,000 hotels is designed to suit all business needs and all budgets. We’ve secured Business Travel Direct exclusive rates with many hotels and our experienced consultants can also manage RFP requirements specifically for an organisation through one central billing facility.

Business Travel Direct has recently launched a hotel rate assurance programme in which rates are checked up to date of arrival to ensure our clients are securing the best rates, even after booking. To find out more about our latest best-rate technology, please click here

Rail Services

Eurostar, Eurotunnel, European rail and UK domestic rail tickets are easily booked through our dedicated team of rail consultants, or, if you prefer to book your own train tickets, our online booking tools enable the user to order all Eurostar and UK domestic rail tickets.

Ancillary Services

Our experienced consultants will ensure you have everything you need for your trip. Not only will they deliver exceptional levels of customer service and cost saving fares, but they will assist you with all the ancillaries in between. This means everything from visas, passport renewal, and airport parking.

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