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Roam the seven seas with Majesti-Fi

Mar 15, 2017

Roam the Seven Seas with Majesti-Fi… your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot

Our partnership with Majestic Group Ventures provides an award-winning global digital roaming experience for our clients. Combining strategy, user experience and design, our aim is to maximise cost saving opportunities and boost productivity for your travellers.

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A little about the partnership…

Our strategic partnership with Majestic Group Ventures began earlier last year with an aim to provide secure and cost-effective internet connection for our international travellers. Majesti-Fi does just that; providing a revolutionary 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspot solution, entirely SIM free and with secure VPN access. The partnership has grown from strength to strength as our clients benefit from using Majesti-Fi on their travels and make significant savings on their data roaming charges.

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Bespoke plans tailored for your business travel requirements

Majesti-Fi specialises in finding and creating business data roaming contracts for companies looking to reduce their mobile data roaming charges. This can be a significant overhead, particularly if you have a large team of travellers using several contracted workphones. It’s easy to lose control and visibility.

Majesti-fi can build bespoke tariffs for your individual business needs, freeing you from the expensive and often prohibitive packages offered by some networks that simply aren’t cost effective for your business.

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Portable 4G Connectivity

The device creates a personal 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspot using the most secure and strongest signals in over 110 countries. In using local internet rates, travellers will find it’s much easier to access data, browse the internet and join online webinars and conference calls in a safe, cost effective way.

It’s the size and weight of a mobile phone so it can fit in a bag or pocket with ease. There’s no need for travellers to install fiddly SIM cards for each country they visit.

Bizzyman Logo SubmarkCost saving opportunities

One of our main roles as your dedicated travel partner is to identify opportunities for you to reduce your spend whilst maximising productivity and improving the traveller experience. In a recent survey, 56% of travellers said that poor connectivity whilst travelling was their biggest frustration and a further 15% had received a data-roaming bill larger than £30 at some point in their lives.

Using our partnership with Majestic Group Ventures, we can offer internet data packages according to your requirements, ensuring a fixed rate per MB so there’s absolutely no ‘bill shock’ when you get home.

Your current international data roaming plan is likely to be somewhere between £3-£6 per MB*. To give that some context, a one minute Skype call uses approximately 3.75MB of data at a cost of between £11-£22. That’s an expensive call!

The same call using Majesti-Fi on a typical data plan would cost you around £0.04 per MB, or around 16p. Majesti-Fi can help you cut your data roaming costs by up to 90%.

*EE, Vodafone or 02

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Additional benefits of using Majesti-Fi

Whilst being light and portable, Majesti-Fi has a number of additional benefits that can significantly improve the travel experience. Firstly, it can connect up to 20 devices simultaniously, so it’s great for a smooth conference or presentation overseas. Secondly, it doubles up as a battery bank, capable of charging your devices whilst on the move. And, lastly, it uses a secure VPN to enable you to access important data without breaking ISO OR ICO commitments or risking its integrity.

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For more information…

If you’d like any more information on how Majesti-Fi could help you improve your data roaming costs, please give your dedicated Account Manager a call. Alternatively you can click here to read our latest infographic, here to download the free Majest-Fi flyer, or here to visit the Majestic Group Ventures website.

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