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View, Track, Analyse

Far more than pie charts and bar graphs, SMARTinsight gives a clear vision into your entire travel solution.


Our SMARTinsight reporting suite allows our customers the ability to really understand their travel expenditure and behaviour. It’s far more than pie charts and bar graphs – it’s a real insight into an entire travel solution.

SMARTinsight interrogates travel data to deliver sophisticated, intelligent reports that allow us and our clients to analyse travel patterns and purchasing behaviour, policy compliance, savings-made and missed opportunities.

Using this data, our dedicated client partnership managers can suggest a number of cost-saving initiatives that aim to promote compliance and encourage smart travelling behaviour. By interpreting the granular data, our management team are able to ensure our clients receive a tailored, personal service that best understands their business objectives and work tirelessly to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Our SMARTinsight reporting services include but are not limited to:

Total Overview

  • Sales review by product type i.e. air, hotel, rail, car
  • Sales review by account – we split management information by division/cost centre
  • Online vs. Offline

Airline Analysis

  • Use of negotiated deals
  • Top 10 airlines by spend
  • Top 10 airlines by passengers
  • Average ticket price per region
  • Air analysis by class
  • Top 10 air destinations
  • Air Fare savings

Behavioural Reports

  • Declined or missed savings
  • Advanced purchase analysis
  • Average ticket / hotel price by destination versus previous months
  • Booking class on top 20 city pairs versus previous quarter
  • Reason for Travel

Hotel Analysis

  • Top 10 destinations by spend
  • Top 10 destinations by room night
  • Top 10 hotel chains by spend
  • Top 10 hotel chains by room nights
  • Breakdown of spend in hotels in specific region
  • Use of negotiated deals

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