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Ancillary Services: Door-to-door service at the touch of a button

Apr 11, 2017

Ancillary services are like the distant family relative whose name you can never remember; you know they exist and they relate to you somehow but you’re not entirely certain what they do. However, these services could come in very useful when planning a hectic business trip, ensuring your travel itinerary is fully organised, from the front door to the hotel room and back. The added bonus? – Business Travel Direct provides them all!

Taxi cars are waiting in row on the street

Taxi Service:

Whether it is a meeting in a foreign city or a tight schedule to get to another building, Business Travel Direct can organise as many taxi journeys necessary for all your travellers’ needs. Times and places can be arranged in advance so they can focus on what they need to get done, instead of spending precious time worrying about getting around in an unfamiliar town.



Executive Lounge Passes:

Always working on the go, only stopping to eat and sleep? Waiting around trying to work in a chaotic departure lounge with kids running rings around the seats could make it almost impossible for your employee to get anything done. Why not invest in an Executive Lounge Pass to ensure your traveller keeps up to date with everything from their emails to the presentation they are pitching in the meetings? Your company will reap the benefits and will help your employee feel even more prepared for their business trip. It’s a win-win.

Holiday preparationHotel/Airport Transfers:

Getting from the airport to the hotel and back again can taxing at the best of times but especially so in a city unknown to the traveller, and trying to find a taxi outside can be something similar to running the gauntlet in Gladiators! Cut out the hustle and bustle and organise transfers before flying. It is time-effective for your employee and saves the additional stress of competing with others for the next available cab driver.

Food on board:

Eating is a necessity for everyone and even more important for business travellers on long-haul flights. Pre-ordering on-board food for your employee will improve their productivity by keeping their sustenance up, helping them stay more alert for the next phase of their journey.

Hold Luggage:

Packing everything into hand baggage may be doable for a 48-hour business trip, but for any other length of time most would barely manage to fit two suits or outfits in. That’s without mentioning toiletries, shoes, laptop bags and any other essentials needed for the duration of their stay. Buying hold luggage through Business Travel Direct gives your travellers peace of mind and avoids any panic about space in the case and therefore less likelihood of forgetting something important.

Club EuropeSeat Assignment:

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your seat on the plane and finding out you are in the middle of the plane, blocked in by someone else and no exits in plain view. So book your traveller’s seat in advance and tailor it to their needs to ensure they are comfortable for the flight ahead. The happier your employee is, the happier you will be with their results.



We promise we aren’t making it up when we say your travellers can have a door-to-door service provided fully by us; it is part of our Duty of Care to establish the safest and smoothest journey possible so you are aware of your employees’ whereabouts are all times and are contactable 24/7.

By using one of our tools, SMARTtrack, Business Travel Direct can monitor all of your reservations (from flights to hotels to ancillary services) in one simple, convenient tracking system, creating a separate booking for each traveller and every journey they do. It means that with one click of a button, you know exactly what your employee is doing and at what time of the day. How easy is that?

Ancillary services hopefully don’t seem quite as confusing now, giving you time to focus on other things – now, what was that relative’s name?!