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Business Travel Direct is pleased to announce our partnership with Majestic Ventures Group, debuting our new international roaming device, Majesti-Fi.

As a business traveller, staying connected where ever you are in the world is a top priority; accessing your emails, touching base with your office, and of course, staying in contact with your friends and family back home are all hugely important to your everyday lives. But the shadow of the data-roaming bill still seems to loom over us whilst we travel, and we have all feared the dreaded ‘bill-shock’ at some point or another after returning home from a trip abroad. The cost of data-roaming is big business, worth an estimated £42 billion a year.

To give you some context as to just how big the business of data roaming is, a recent article in The Guardian stated that one megabyte of data used in America or South Africa on a British mobile phone contract will cost anywhere between £3 and £8, depending on the mobile network provider. According to Ofcom, this means that watching a 60 minute video over the 3G network could end up costing the user anywhere between £400 and £1800 a day.

So, first of all, what exactly is data-roaming?
Simply put, data roaming means that your phone is using a cellular network that your mobile operator doesn’t own to send and receive data. Your mobile operator will charge you extra for data roaming, and this service must be available with your current phone plan.

Majestifi So that’s why we’ve teamed up with Majestic Ventures Group to offer our clients Majesti-Fi, a portable, bespoke product that provides travellers with a reliable, secure and competitively priced personal hotspot. No hidden costs, no big bill-shocks; just 100% connectivity with complete transparency over what it is that you’re paying for.
Using Cloud SIM technology, Majesti-Fi offers 24-hour support, tailored invoice systems and securely encrypted VPN connection, ensuring that you can keep in touch with the world without worrying about how much it might cost you.
We’ll be at the Business Travel Show tomorrow with our new-found partners at Majestic Ventures Group showcasing the device so if you’d like to pop by then we’ll be at stand GTMC7 (and if you haven’t yet registered for the show, HERE are the reasons why you definitely should!)

For further information, give one of our team a call on 01895 450 701 or email us at to arrange a chat with us at the show.

We look forward to introducing you to Majesti-Fi!