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Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today. Since its development in 2008 it’s become a hugely popular choice, particularly for a Millennial demographic and has managed to obtain a vast user-base of past Internet Explorer and Firefox users, who found their previous internet search engines outdated and clunky.

One of the most appealing elements about Google Chrome (apart from its optimal speed searching, user interface and overall functionality of course) is its vast array of interesting and useful extensions that are designed to assist the user with productivity, creativity, time-management, inspiration and general life-hacks. Extensions work a little like apps; handy tools that help the user with managing their browser experience.

So, without further ado, here are our top five free Google Chrome extensions that are bound to help any traveller on the move:

1. Save to Pocket

Save to PocketSince the demise of Google Reader, Pocket has risen to the challenge to take its place, securing over 15 million users in the last few years. Pocket is designed to store all your interesting content – blogs, videos, recipes, articles, e-books links etc. – in one place, with no tabs or bookmarks clogging up your browser, ready for you to read when you have more time on your hands. Syncing across multiple devices you’re able to access and read all the content you might have missed over the week, whilst you’re in transit; the best part is you don’t even need internet connection, so it’s perfect for in-flight reading. You can find it here in the Chrome store.

2. Nearbyy

NearbyyNearbyy is a Google Chrome app that helps you find anything you might need near your location, from cafes and train stations, to petrol stations and cash machines. This proves really handy when you’re in an unfamiliar city and you need a little extra help getting to know your surroundings. Each place includes an address, phone number where applicable, ratings and map directions and you can access all of it from one easy desktop tab. You can find it here in the Chrome store.

3. Concur Travel and Expense Web Receipts

ConcurUsers of Concur’s popular travel and expense management service now have an additional way to automatically capture online receipt images and attach them to their expense reports, without ever leaving the Google Chrome browser window. The extension allows the user to upload screen confirmations and e-receipts by using either the full-screen mode or the image-grabber and post the expense directly into your expense store. You can find it here in the Chrome store.

4. Dropbox

DropBoxRemembering to bring along your USB or external hard drive on your trip can be a task in itself – and a huge risk should you lose it – so why not utilise the cloud and store your documents remotely? They can be easily accessed from any computer in the world at any moment you need them, without having to carry any extra equipment. Dropbox is an extension that allows you to manage, download and access your files from your Google Chrome browser, so you have a portable hard drive wherever you are. You can find it here in the Chrome store.

5. Chrome to Mobile

Chrome to MobileChrome to Mobile allows you to send web pages to your mobile or other synced devices, so you can take your work with you on the move. If you’re tight for time and in a rush to catch your train or plane, then just send an online or offline copy to your mobile and continue as you were whilst you travel. The offline feature is particularly handy and works similarly to Pocket in that respect; giving you online productivity even when you’re 30,000 feet in the air. You can find it here in the Chrome store.