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FairFly Product Sheet

How do you know you're really getting a fair deal on your airfare? Our fair auditing technology ensures you always receive the best value on your airfare post-booking. Click Here to Read                     Click Here...

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TripBAM Product Sheet

How do you know you’re really getting the best hotel rates? Find out how our rate auditing technology, TripBAM, can give you the edge, mastering the hotel rate game to give you the most value over time without you having to lift a finger. Click Here to Read Click Here...

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Majesti-Fi Flyer

Majesti-fi, with its partner Business Travel Direct, provides an award-winning, global digital roaming experience. We combine strategy, user experience and design to help our clients think beyond the ordinary. Majesti-fi provides global roaming at affordable prices in...

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SMART Travel Solutions Brochure

In addition to supporting you in the day to day operation of your travel programme, we also drive cost savings and negotiate fares on your behalf. Cost-effective, safe travel solutions are what we do best – that’s why we’ve won multiple awards for our outstanding...

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Productivity: How to Have a Stress-Free Travel Solution

Learn more about how you can ensure your employees are fit, healthy and productive whilst travelling

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