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Business Technology

Business Technology is central to the modern Business Travel Environment, take a look at our collection of articles to learn more.

Best Buys for Business Travellers

If you’re a seasoned business traveller, you’ll know that corporate travel can be tiresome and stressful. In 2017, the average trip length is estimated to be around the two day mark, meaning that you’ll have a packed itinerary and a lengthy to-do list, with little...

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The Digital Age: What’s the future of Business Travel?

Technology: What’s the future of Business Travel? Our lives now revolve around the latest technology. Gone are the days of going out in the morning to pick up a newspaper, or even watch TV programmes at the time they actually go to air; instead we catch up on the...

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Roam the seven seas with Majesti-Fi

Roam the Seven Seas with Majesti-Fi... your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot Our partnership with Majestic Group Ventures provides an award-winning global digital roaming experience for our clients. Combining strategy, user experience and design, our aim is to maximise cost...

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FairFly Product Sheet

How do you know you're really getting a fair deal on your airfare? Our fair auditing technology ensures you always receive the best value on your airfare post-booking. Click Here to Read                     Click Here...

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TripBAM Product Sheet

How do you know you’re really getting the best hotel rates? Find out how our rate auditing technology, TripBAM, can give you the edge, mastering the hotel rate game to give you the most value over time without you having to lift a finger. Click Here to Read Click Here...

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Apps and Gadgets for Business Travellers Part 5

If you’re a seasoned business traveller, then you’ll know how different things were 20 years ago. There were no helpful apps you could use to receive real-time, live flight information or handy gadgets that would enable you to stay productive during your long-haul...

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What’s so great about Expense Management Technology

On average 7-10% of a businesses annual outgoings are spent on Travel & Expenses. Do you want to make sure it is being spent well? Automated expense management technology can increase compliance by 10%, reduce the time to submit and approve reports by 28%, and...

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Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Business Travellers

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today. Since its development in 2008 it’s become a hugely popular choice, particularly for a Millennial demographic and has managed to obtain a vast user-base of past Internet Explorer and Firefox users, who found...

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Apps and Gadgets for Business Travellers Part 4

If you missed the first posts in the 'Apps and Gadgets' series, then you can click here for part 1, here for part 2, or here for part 3! In the world of business travel, it can be hard to stay productive, have all the necessary equipment to hand for life on the move,...

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To roam or not to roam? (That is no longer the question!)

Business Travel Direct is pleased to announce our partnership with Majestic Ventures Group, debuting our new international roaming device, Majesti-Fi. As a business traveller, staying connected where ever you are in the world is a top priority; accessing your emails,...

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Productivity: How to Have a Stress-Free Travel Solution

Learn more about how you can ensure your employees are fit, healthy and productive whilst travelling

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