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Our infographics explore a number of industry topics and give you an ‘at a glance’ insight

Should we have an integrated travel and expense solution?

Travel and expenses likely represent your second biggest company expenditure, exceeded only by salaries. It’s easy to lose visibility and control whenever you have multiple expense reports, employees losing their receipts and daily business trips happening... read more

An Introduction to SMARTvenues

Find out who we are, what we do and how we can help you. Arranging a conference or corporate event is not just a science; its an art. Not only are we responsible for your budget, your people and your corporate objectives but also your corporate reputation. We take the... read more

Why do you need my mobile number?

Why do you need my mobile number? You might notice that we’ll ask you for an up-to-date mobile number. This is to make sure you stay safe and have all the necessary information you need to travel smart whilst you’re on the road. Read our infographic to find out more.... read more

Keeping Your Data Safe Whilst You’re In Transit

Stolen data costs the global economy £312 billion every year. Read our top tips to make sure you’re aware of the potential dangers around you. Click Here to Download the Infographic SMARTcentre Travel SMART Magazine White Papers Blog Press Case Studies Brochures... read more

A chat with Steve Reynolds, CEO of TRIPBAM

A lot can happen to a hotel rate from the time you book it to the time you check in. That’s why we partnered with TRIPBAM last year; to offer you a hotel rate assurance programme that would monitor booked room rates and alert us if a cheaper room within the property –... read more

Business Dinner Etiquette

Maintaining a professional image is important when you’re meeting with colleagues or clients abroad. To avoid any surprises or misunderstandings when dining out internationally with clients, the team at Principal Hayley have created a handy little guide to business... read more

What’s so great about Expense Management Technology

On average 7-10% of a businesses annual outgoings are spent on Travel & Expenses. Do you want to make sure it is being spent well? Automated expense management technology can increase compliance by 10%, reduce the time to submit and approve reports by 28%, and... read more

The A-Z of Business Travel

Planning a trip? Get prepared – from Account Management through Hotel Price Checks to Zero Hidden Costs, take a look at our A-Z of Business Travel Infographic. Written to support business travelers wherever in the world they are off to. Click Here to Download... read more

Majesti-Fi – Your Own personal Wi-Fi Hotspot

Say goodbye to surprise data-roaming fees… Find out how big the data-roaming business is and how Majesti-Fi keeps you connected for less with your own personal wi-fi hotspot… Click Here to Download the Infographic SMARTcentre Travel SMART Magazine White... read more

Productivity: How to Have a Stress-Free Travel Solution

Learn more about how you can ensure your employees are fit, healthy and productive whilst travelling

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