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Business Travel Direct has entered into a strategic partnership with Majestic Ventures Group to create the Majesti-Fi – a bespoke product that works as a personal hotspot device for business travellers on the move.

Majestic Ventures Group Logo Majesti-Fi is an international WiFi hotspot that provides secure worldwide data connectivity for the business traveller. This unique device can access local internet rates in over 100 countries and will transform the travelling experience for users.

Majesti-Fi provides 4G speeds allowing users to access the internet quickly and can also connect up to 20 devices simultaneously. It comes with an embedded app to manage and monitor usage. The device also doubles as a portable powerbank and can fully charge a smartphone three times.

This innovative gadget, coupled with Majesti-Fi’s tailored invoice system and 24/7 dedicated support offering, makes Majesti-Fi the obvious data solution for busy professionals.

James Tyner, co-founder at Majestic Ventures Group commented: “When people book business trips, they often will look around to find the cheapest airlines and flights. People often don’t think about expensive data roaming costs associated with their phone until they return and are stung with an extortionate bill. Majesti-Fi is the perfect roaming companion to overcome such costs – the device is a cost-effective data roaming solution as users are charged at local rates.”

Julie Oliver, managing director at Business Travel Direct commented:

Majesti-Fi is an ideal solution for clients looking to address the high cost of data roaming. Connectivity is a crucial requirement for business travellers and this innovative product helps them to stay connected throughout their trip.

‘As a TMC we are committed to helping our clients achieve the maximum value from their business travel expenditure. Data roaming costs are one of those ‘hidden’ costs that can have a significant impact on budgets. With Majesti-Fi we are able to assist our clients to lower their total trip costs through innovation and partnership.”

Majesti-Fi utilises uCloudlink’s unique and innovative Cloud SIM platform – which through licensing deals empowers such third party devices.

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About Business Travel Direct
Founded in 1970, Business Travel Direct is a multi-award winning travel management company with offices in Uxbridge, central London and Oxford. It also has an office in Fareham following the acquisition of Amity Travel in November 2015. The company provides travel expertise, superior service and outstanding value to corporate clients ranging from SME’s to FTSE100 companies.

The company prides itself on successfully working with all sizes and types of clients both in the UK and internationally. The highly experienced team of travel consultants, who have an average of 15 years’ experience, is supported by industry leading technology, to consistently deliver outstanding value and savings for clients.

Clients are offered a totally flexible service with a transparent and open pricing structure.

About Majesti-Fi
Majesti-Fi is the brainchild of its founder and is a product of Majestic Ventures Group Limited ‘(MAJ)’, a ‘Professional Services’ provider. the founders established MAJ as a joint venture with the aim to provide ‘Corporate Concierge and professional services to our clients.

Majesti-Fi is a revolutionary smart 3G/4G* Wi-Fi hotspot solution and a revolutionary project to provide the world’s first SIM free 4G global Wi-Fi. This is an effective product for business and leisure travelers around the world.

Despite being a start-up company, MAJ and its partners are determined to change and positively transform lives by designing and creating very innovative products and services. The launch of the initial “G1” device has
already proven the benefits and capabilities of the Global Wi-Fi solution.

Our users are set to enjoy a more secure, continuous and lower cost internet connection without the coverage limitations, compared to free standard Wi-Fi or other roaming options. Majesti-FI technology is all about having a portable network device that you can travel with around the globe and enjoy Internet access to wherever you are.

Aside from accessing the Internet at an affordable price, users will also not have the inconvenience of buying local SIM cards of the countries they travel to, or have to pay high roaming fees to mobile carriers. Majesti-Fi is provided as a managed service, taking the hassle out of traveling.

Majesti-Fi will give the users the freedom to use any model of compatible device to connect to it. The device is set to work like a smart hotspot, turning local 3G and 4G networks into Wi-Fi signals in over 110 countries making it much easier to access data, surf the internet and make online voice calls on the Internet in all these countries.

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