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Technology partners, TripBAM, makes a huge impression in 2015

Dec 21, 2015

Two months ago, we wrote a blog about our recent partnership with TripBAM (which you can read here) and how this strategic alignment with their innovative technology has enabled us to offer our clients a robust hotel-rate assurance programme. We were extremely proud to be the first Business Travel Solutions Company in the UK and Europe to take this step earlier in the year, and help lead the industry into a new era of travel shopping.

In case you didn’t read our last blog or you don’t know anything about TripBAM, here is a definition of what it’s enabled us to do in less than 100 words:

Hotel rates fluctuate dramatically according to a number of hidden factors, from seasonality to last minute availability. TripBAM is a hotel-rate monitoring tool which automatically keeps a close eye on our client’s hotel booking 24/7 to notify us if the rate drops at any point. This process happens right until check-in time, not only for the original booking, but also for pre-defined hotel suppliers in a specific mile radius offering like-for-like room benefits at a cheaper price. Consequently, our clients can capitalise on market-fluctuations and make significant savings throughout the year, improving their supplier negotiations as a result.

Since Business Travel Direct partnered with TripBAM, it would appear that their popularity has sky-rocketed within the travel management space, and rightly so, as it has the potential to influence the relationship between hoteliers and corporations indefinitely.

At the end of November, TripBAM won the incredibly prestigious Phocuswright Battleground Event, at the 2015 Travel Innovation Summit. The Battleground Event has historically been hugely successful in identifying start-up companies that offer innovative and highly specialised products, and has been known to be a ‘game changer’ for new suppliers entering the travel market. The result of winning this competition has inevitably led to TripBAM receiving a lot of press and social media coverage (which you can view here) and we’re so pleased that other travel management companies are seeing the value in their service offering. TripBAM is technology that encourages traditional travel agencies to innovate and evolve to suit the ever changing demands of travellers, and we’re thrilled to be a part of TripBAM’s journey to offer our clients an exceptional hotel shopping programme.

In early December, Steve Reynolds, the CEO of TripBAM, was honoured by Business Travel News to receive a ranking in the ‘Most Influential Business Travel Executives of 2015’, citing their ‘growing use’ of the service. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Steve and say what a pleasure it’s been to work with TripBAM.

To give you an idea of just how effective TripBAM is in the US, where it currently serves the majority of the top 30 TMCs in American rankings:

In November alone, it offered more than $4 million in potential savings to its corporate clients

This is an incredible figure and one which rightly claims TripBAM as one of the biggest game-changers in the industry, not only saving significant money for our clients, but also enabling them to obtain the correct negotiated rate or percentage off the BAR (best available rate).

It’s been a huge year in terms of strengthening our strategic partnerships with both technology suppliers, and global agencies, but we’re thrilled that TripBAM is one of them. To learn more about TripBAM or our technology, then please give one of our client partnership managers a call on 01895 450 701, or send us an email to