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Stay Productive On The Move

Our technology integrates with a number of useful apps that will ensure your travellers are productive and efficient whilst on the move

App Library

We know how important it is to be able to book your travel and have access to helpful apps whilst on the move. We’ve made every effort to ensure we integrate with a number of apps and give you the best mobile service possible. If you’re an SAP Concur Travel user, you also have access to SAP Concur’s fantastic App Centre, which you can view here.


TripitPowered by industry leader, Concur, TripIt and TripIt Pro are apps designed to be an indispensable master itinerary for every one of your trips. Simply by forwarding your email confirmations to the app, you can have access to real-time itinerary information, directions, flight alerts and restaurant bookings at any point from your mobile device – even if you’re offline. TripIt Pro would usually cost $49 per user per year, but if you sign up to TripLink, you can use TripIt Pro absolutely free.


evolviThe Evolvi app is designed to replicate the desktop booking functionality, allowing you to research, book or amend rail journeys from your smartphone. Its ease-of-use will ensure your travellers stay productive and policy compliant whilst booking their domestic rail.

Conferma Pay

The Conferma Pay mobile application is designed to streamline the payment process during hotel check-out. If you’ve ever experienced trouble checking in at your pre-paid hotel, then this app will be an indispensable tool for you to ensure you can check-in promptly and with no complications. Free to download and available on iOS and Android smart phones, it allows you to access the Virtual Card Number (VCN) used by Business Travel Direct to settle your hotel booking at any stage during your trip – from check-in to check-out. Once you’ve logged in using your unique work email address, you can select the trip you need, and access the card we used to make your payment. You’ll be able to see the 16-digit VCN on the front, and by swiping the screen left, the card will turn itself over for you to see the three-digit CVV number.

Once the check-out date has elapsed, the Virtual Card is no longer accessible. This app also allows you to access the details of your trip, send the payment confirmation over to the hotel in a fax, and get directions to the hotel from your current location. To ensure a prompt turn-around on hotel bill backs, Conferma Pay also allows you to take photos of hotel invoices and receipts, which it will then automatically send to be reconciled and reported. The invoice data is then matched to the transaction, providing you with a complete overview of hotel expenditure.

Conferma Pay Quick Start Guide

Our quick start guide will show you how to download and get started with the App. Conferma provide a wealth of FAQs and support on their help webpage, which you’ll also find in our PDF guide below.
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SAP Concur Mobile

ConcurFor SAP Concur users, the mobile app is an invaluable assistant; allowing you to book or amend your travel, and process your expenses whilst on the go.

The SAP Concur mobile app is the perfect counterpart to the web-based solution, offering a number of helpful services whicht will allow your travellers to stay in budget, compliant and productive whilst on the move.

  • Book flights, hotels and cars
  • Create a single itinerary from a travel booking with TripIt
  • Create or submit expense claims from credit card spend or out-of-pocket expenses
  • Photograph receipts and attach these to the expense claim
  • Add car mileage to the expense claim


Trip CaseTripCase™ is an itinerary management app that delivers the right information at the right time, giving you a single place to manage and organise your trips. Available for free on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, TripCase automatically syncs any booking you’ve made with Business Travel Direct into your itinerary, allowing you to access all the relevant trip details you’ll need to know, where you need to be and when. TripCase™ also offers the opportunity to ‘follow’ friends and colleagues, enabling you to see their calendars and share trip details. Even if you’re booking on behalf of someone else, TripCase™ will sync with the traveller’s account as well as your own. If you’re travelling for pleasure rather than for business, you can also add the trip details to your account simply by forwarding your email confirmation to

Other services TripCase provides include:

  • Trip alerts including cancellations, alterations and gate numbers
  • Automatic email alerts that lets others know you’ve arrived safely
  • Weather information
  • Maps and directions
  • Contact Business Travel Direct straight from the app
  • Trip reminders
  • Itineraries in an easy timeline format
  • Order a car from Uber to take you to and from your destination


To find out more, visit the TripCase website or download our TripCase userguide

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