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More Than Just Travel Management

Business Travel Direct offer a number of bespoke office solutions that sit outside of the traditional travel management arena. For organisations who have an in-house travel programme, we can provide assistance with licencing, training and technology.

Back Office Solutions

Business Travel Direct offers a number of cost-saving initiatives and bespoke services that sit outside the traditional Travel Management Company arena. We wish to offer more than just a standard template of travel management, and go above and beyond what our competitors are currently offering by being your strategic partner. These solutions are particularly tailored towards organisations that have an in-house travel solution and are not looking to out-source their travel management, but simply make your travel process more efficient.

We understand that procuring an out-sourced travel solution isn’t in everyone’s company culture, and some of our clients prefer to keep their travel team inside the organisation. Business Travel Direct can support this vision and assist you in making smart, cost-saving initiatives to achieve your travel objectives. Whether you’d like access to more choice by using our database of airfares and hotels, or your travel team needs a little extra training on using the right tools and technology to achieve an efficient travel solution; Business Travel Direct can help.

We have a number of clients that choose our Back Office Solutions as a means to equip themselves in the most efficient processes. Not only can we assist in making your current solution more productive, but we can also implement robust cost-saving initiatives by integrating your own Back Office System with our own; making significant savings on licencing fees. If you’re currently paying for multiple mid and back office systems, ATOL and IATA licencing and direct contracts in order to run your own internal travel team, then Business Travel Direct may be able to help. We offer full customisation on invoicing and will ensure that your branding and company values are at the forefront of any collateral.

Business Travel Direct isn’t restrained to simple travel management; we aim to assist our clients in managing their own travel and achieve their business travel objectives in any way possible.

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