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Straightforward, secure international data roaming at the very best price, saving 67% on average.

In an increasingly digital world, Business Travellers need to be able to access data wherever they are.

Using standard international roaming tariffs quickly becomes very costly, while relying on public or hotel wifi hotspots provides sub-par reliability and opens a world of potential data security concerns.

Additionally, organisations focussed on providing the best duty of care and wellbeing for their employees want the peace of mind that their travellers are able to get online as and when they may need to.

That’s where SecureConnect, powered by Majestify comes in.

  • The best international roaming data rates – Offering an average saving of over 67% through impressive buying power with data networks
  • One device, no SIM, works in 140 countries – Simple to use; turn it on, connect and go, globally. Country coverage is ever-increasing
  • Automatically switches to strongest signal from multiple network providers – Providing the best connection from a wide range of global network provider partners
  • End-to-end security, encrypted and secured – Removes potential data security concerns associated with publicly accessible wifi such as hotel networks

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