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The world of corporate travel is changing. We believe in giving our clients complete visibility by capturing 100% of employee travel – even if it wasn’t booked through us, so that unmanaged travel can become a thing of the past.

Unmanaged Travel

Business Travel Direct understands that the world of corporate travel is changing, and compliance is becoming an increasingly problematic issue for many of our clients. That’s why we’re the first Travel Solutions Provider in Europe to align ourselves with SAP Concur’s innovative technology, allowing us to capture 100% of employee travel – even if it’s not booked through us.

With a plethora of booking channels available via apps and the internet, we believe in giving our clients complete visibility over their employee spend, whilst simultaneously providing exceptional duty of care fulfilment.

SAP Concur’s TripLink technology allows users to:

  • Save with greater visibility by capturing all travel data – whether it’s flights, hotels or ground transportation
  • Reward compliancy by supporting a gamified approach to managing travel and expenses. Incentivise behaviour to encourage company policy and keep below budget
  • Improve traveller safety by capturing all the necessary information you’d need to communicate with your employees in the case of an emergency
  • Gain a greater insight into expenditure and understand where your travel budget is being spent, and by whom
  • Receive TripIt Pro™ free (usually $49.00 per user) when you use TripLink™ , and capture all your travel data in one master itinerary

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